where to find good quality jpegs of awesome contemporary art?
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contemporaryartfilter: please help me find some awesome, high resolution contemporary art images for my apple screensaver!

i love the "pictures" screensaver on my mac, especially when combined with nice, hi resolution art jpgs - displayed with my big ol' apple monitor, it's like having a slowly evolving art gallery in the corner of my room. i've got collections of 18th century oil paintings, islamic calligraphy, japanese ukiyo-e, erotic art, banksy, and cool burning man art installations. but, my all time favorite selection of images is my collection of contemporary art. unfortunately, at this point it's been in rotation so much i'm starting to get bored of all the great pics i've found and downloaded already. so, i've done a lot of searching on google images for new works to download recently, but i've somehow managed to sort of hit a wall finding new art i like, and was thinking who better than you guys to recommend some new artists, images, and websites?

so the kind of contemporary art that really gets me going is stuff that's clever and offbeat, yet also very pretty and easy on the eyes. some good examples of artists i've run across that are right up my alley are david batchelor, atsuko tanaka, damien hirst, and i really like both jenny holzer's LED works and building projections, as well as dan flavin's works in neon. i also like quite a bit of contemporary chinese art, but not all of it!

i'd love some suggestions of other artists who do this kind of work, especially individual images, or websites that specialize in this particular kind of art. however, websites like this one are so extensive as to almost be useless - my isp isn't lightning fast, and i can only go through so many random artists in a day!

one constraint that makes my search just a little bit harder is that, in order for the images to look good on the screensaver, they need to be at least 2MP, and preferably 4MP or more. i'm not unwilling to pay for some really top notch, super high quality images, but i'm a bit of a starving artist myself, so cheap is good and free is much, much better!
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I have a range of images from APOD (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html) on rotation. Art, science, and information all in one.
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Try Contemporary Art Daily, which usually includes high-resolution pictures right in the post, or VVORK which usually includes links to artists' webpages where you should be able to acquire more images.
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wooster collective has some great street art.

behance seems to fit your style most of the time.

and just to make sure you've got your bases covered (sorry if you already knew about this), but you can do some pretty specific google image searches by using the sorting methods on the left-hand toolbar.
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Response by poster: thanks guys, low response count but great answers. i actually have an "outer space" screen saver as well that nasa site will fill up quite nicely. cmchap i found most of my images through google image search with the high res filter on the left side jacked up to 2 or 4 mb, but i never tried searching "light installations" or "new media art" - both are good search terms that got me lots of nice results.

i should build one of ">these for my room!
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Response by poster: sigh. one of ">these" being one of these:

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