Contemporary art and performing arts in Japan
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Contemporary art and performing arts in Japan? I will be living in Tokyo for about 4 months soon. I plan on checking out the arts and performing arts (theater, dance) contemporary/emerging/experimental/however-you-want-to-call-it scene. Any recommendations?

I'm mainly into theater (ANY kind, I'm very curious, that's why I'm traveling), but would be super interested to see dance, contemporary art, architecture, design, music, etc.

I'm asking more about the contemporary stuff since I'm guessing the traditional I'll know where to find by looking at travel guides and what not.

So, any venue/company/show/artist/festival suggestion? Pretty much all the artists I know are those that came to the FTA in Montreal...

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You're going to want to find Taku Unami. He's an improvising musician and occasional composer, but his current shows are interestingly performance-y, in the Fluxus vein.
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Have a look at Metropolis magazine. They list all sorts of random things of interest in the Tokyo area. It comes out every 2 weeks and all of the issues are on the website in PDF.
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Tokyo Art Beat
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Response by poster: thanks everyone :)
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