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Hi Folks, My family is headed to Greece in early May. We are arriving in Athens around 1p local and need to get to Delphi that night. Is there a bus from the airport? I'm having a tough time finding good info on the web.
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For what it's worth, Rome2Rio (which is my go-to resource for this kind of question) doesn't know about any bus direct from the airport. The bus route they recommend appears to leave from downtown Athens instead, leaving four or five times a day.

The website also proposes that you can take a train to Tithorea and take a taxi the remaining 33 miles to Delphi, but that will cost you more money and I have no idea how easily one can find taxis at Tithorea.
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I drove from Athens to Delphi a few weeks ago. If you're able to hire a car, the roads are great - express toll roads 3/4 of the way.
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I went to Delphi a couple of years ago. I was coming from Santorini by plane in the late morning. I had to take a city bus from the airport to the intercity bus terminal and then take the bus to Delphi from there. You can find the schedule to Delphi here - looks like you should be able to do it.

One warning - the toilets at that bus terminal are squat toilets like in Asia - the first time I've ever seen that in Europe! So use the restroom at the airport first if you're not ready for that.
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