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What song did I hear on the radio?

The other day I heard a pop-punk song on the local college radio station. The chorus sounded something like "Sad rendition for the one-eyed system" and then either "run away run away" or "get away get away." My vague details are making this impossible (for me) to google. Thank you, friends!
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At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor ?
Send transmission from
The one armed scissor
Cut away, cut away
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Which college radio station was it? If you remember what time, they usually have a playlist you can access, like this one at WFMU.
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Oh man, that brings me back to my college radio days. Definitely One-Armed Scissor, which is a song I played on my own show many times.
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Definitely "One-Armed Scissor", great song. Fun fact: ATDI's co-lead singer, Cedric, previously played in a band with presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke.
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That IS a fun fact!
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It's so rare that I get to say that unironically.
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Thank you so much for the ID and the bonus fact!!
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