How to Cancel Sling TV
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Escape from Sling TV Hell - 8th level of Dante's Inferno Edition

How to escape from Sling TV Purgatory. I foolishly signed up for a 7 day free trial of Sling TV. I went to cancel before the 7 days was over but there is literally NO WAY TO DO THIS. They have no CS phone number of any kind (well, actually they have a number that gives you a recording that says they do not provide service over the phone). The instructions in online help section are to log on and go to "my account" but that actually puts you in an endless loop of configuring your account with NO OPTION TO CANCEL. Sorry to scream but I have spent at least 2 hours trying to cancel this account. Amazon has them rated at one star but it should be minus 1 star if you ask me. I have tried it on mobil, and two different computers. Tried "get human". Tried everything. I hope this company dies. Soon. Meanwhile ... what to do? Can a credit card company bar their charges? I have heard this is not as easy as it sounds as they can be overridden.

This company is an incorporated trojan virus. Beware.
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These instructions worked when I did it a few months ago but it is very possible that the interface has changed since then. In that case, I'd tweet @slinganswers for help.
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I'm sorry you are having such an awful time. I am a Sling subscriber and it works well for me. I just logged into my account and it seems that if you log in under "My Account", and look at My Subscription, there are hyperlinks on the right (next to the boxes that say Change Subscription and Watch Now) and one of them is "Cancel Subscription".
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I have found that their interface has some serious flaws. There *should* be a Cancel Subscription button as sarajane describes, but one of my accounts got borked somehow to the point that I could change nothing about it. I had to create a new account--customer service was too incompetent to fix it. (I've been able to cancel and restart from that account several times since then, using the online link.) So I would guess that this is less "deliberately preventing you from cancelling" and more "tech bug" (albeit one they should've fixed already).

They do provide customer service chat. I'd start there.
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I'm baffled by your problems. I don't doubt you're having them, but I've had the opposite experience. I've used Sling on and off for a few years, and have always found canceling service to be simple. In fact, I use Sling as an example of a company who does things right.

I don't have an account at the moment, but my memory is that it's as easy as going to my account profile, going to my subscription details, then opting to cancel. It's always been a a clear, easy-to-find option and they never try to put me through any kind of customer retention. I just choose cancel and I'm done with it. The end.

Looking at the other comments, it's always been just as easy for me as cessair and sarajane describe. No hassle at all.

Maybe praemunire is right: Maybe they're not being intentionally difficult. Maybe there's some sort of bug here...
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I had literally one of the worst customer service experiences with Sling, so I can sympathize. Might try a DM to them on Twitter, I had luck getting contact there. I generally give the benefit of the doubt, but my impression is they aim for intentionally difficult like cable companies and satellite radio.
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I tried the link suggested by cessair. When I enter sling there is no hyperlink for change subscription, subscription details, or cancel or "my account". I even controlled F to search for those terms as I was wondering if they were invisible to the naked eye but no options exist. Trying twitter. Thanks for input.
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OK - looks like it got handled via Chat! I am good. May all metafilterites be happy, may all metafilterites find peace. (Mettafilterite meditation) Thank you!
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I'll add if you are using a newer version of Firefox the default tracker blocking can be really aggressive. I've had issues with submit buttons and the like getting blocked by Firefox until I turned off tracker blocking for that particular website.
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I have sling and needed to make changes to my account but it wouldn't work online. I had no problem calling customer service: 1-888-363-1777
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