Scanning Files For Malware and Viruses
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I need to scan some files I've downloaded from my website host to my desktop over FTP for malware and viruses and need some help.

My account had something suspicious going on, so they are making me download all my files over FTP and scan them for viruses and malware before they go back up.

I'm downloading the files as I write this, but I have absolutely no idea how to scan them. It seems most things online are for checking an active website, which right now this is not.

What program should I use to scan the +/- 8 GB of files?

I am feeling kind of frustrated and lost here.
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TrendMicro offers a free, web-based (though you do have to download an executable) virus scanner. I have used it sporadically over the years and it has caught some virii.
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I've been a fan of Malwarebytes, their software is free and unless something has changed recently, been one of the top resources for AV software for a while.
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It may be impractical, but VirusTotal scans files using ~70 different scanners (all the ones you've heard of, and then some). It's a go-to for checking sketchy things and I think they have a bulk uploader. I haven't used it for more than a few files at a time though.
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Seconding Malwarebytes. As of a few months ago, there was a free option, so I presume there still is.
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Thanks, everybody. I tried everything and it looks like it is all fine. Thanks again.
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