Best Art app for iPad Pro?
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Does anyone have advice on the best professional level Art Program for an iPad Pro ( not the upcoming Photoshop) ?

I'm an experienced Photoshop user on my Mac Desktop. I've never tried any art program on an iPad. I'm hoping for something that's at least as good as to my experience of drawing/painting with a Wacom tablet - I"ll be drawing on screen with the iPad but in terms of the pressure and response etc.
I know there are many available and they probably all do the basic things such as draw and paint but I'm hoping for advice from some other professional or well experience users artists.
I"m looking for something other than the new Photoshop app available this year only because I don't want to pay $10+ dollars a month for it when there seem to be good alternatives. Some have told me Procreate is good?
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Procreate is pretty much the standard among the artists I know. I’ve used Sketchbook and a couple others I can’t remember off the top of my head, and Procreate is what I use now fwiw.
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Yep, Procreate is fantastic. I use it for painting, sketching, and hand-lettering; somehow they've managed to do all of those things really well.
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a third for procreate.
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Thanks everyone. Procreate it is.
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One more question if anyone can answer: Do you find the 64 GB iPad pro to be enough to work with smoothly? (Assuming you get the files uploaded elsewhere and delete them and don't store a lot of stuff on it ).
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I have a first-generation 12.9" iPad Pro with only 32GB of storage and find no performance issues with Procreate.
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Storage-wise: my iPad Pro is from late 2016; I got the 128 GB model. While I do save a lot of stuff out to Google Drive so that I can use it elsewhere, I've never deleted any of my Procreate work files in all that time. I'm currently at 27 GB used. I think the 64 GB model would be just fine.
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Thanks again.
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I agree with Procreate 100%. It's the closest feel to creating art in PS that I've found.

Also, if you want to explore other options, Concepts has a neat infinite canvas, the palette is based on Copic swatches, and draws in vector (like Illustrator) so you can edit the individual lines. The basic version is free, and you pay to unlock additional tools/features.
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Yes, Procreate.

Also worth checking out: Affinity Photo (Photoshop) and Affinity Designer (Illustrator). These apps are hilariously fully-featured for iPad apps. Affinity Photo has a lot of the photo-manipulation features you'd recognize from Photoshop and that Procreate lacks. It has better nitty-gritty document handling capabilities than Procreate, but is not as nice just for drawing & painting. Using both would be a killer combo.

The storage size of your iPad won't generally impact the performance. You might run out of space to store files (like you suggest), but that won't keep Procreate from working "smoothly."

Edit: bonus rec: drawing and painting in Pixelmator is also fun. Man, they're all so cheap, just get 'em all for less than the price of a year of Photoshop. :)
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