How long does the Apple Store take to replace a MBP battery?
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I have a mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro that I bought new in July 2016. It is displaying a "service battery" message, and resetting the NVRAM did not fix the problem. Fortunately, the computer is still under AppleCare, and I've scheduled an appointment at my local Apple Store tonight. How long does Apple usually take to replace a 2012-2015 Retina MBP battery?
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The battery on those is part of the top case (which contains the keyboard), so though they only charge for a battery, it's a pretty significant repair, basically transferring all of the guts of the computer to a different bucket, and reattaching the display.
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For further options, you can also use your AppleCare warranty for repair at Best Buy locations.
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My (late 2011 era) Macbook Pro has been displaying "service battery" for the last three years with no ill effects. It might not really need replacing.
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The weird thing is that the "System Information" app reports fewer than 600 battery cycles. According to Apple, that's less than 60% of the use this battery is rated for.
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In my experience, "top-case" repairs can take 1-3 days. It would be unusual if it took longer than that, but a parts shortage is one way that a repair could take longer. You could ask the Apple Store what their expected turnaround time would be.

If going without a laptop would cause a disruption to you, and if you have space on a credit card to make such a temporary purchase, say, one option might be to buy a second laptop, returning it the store within the 14-day window, as their policy allows.

A Time Machine backup can facilitate imaging your current laptop onto a new one, so that you would have the same setup.
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I dropped mine off at the Georgetown store in DC on a Sunday and they notified me it was ready for pickup that Wednesday.
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Turned out to be 3-5 days. Thanks everyone!
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