securing a microsd card in the side of a notebook pc?
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For the first time ever I actually want to be able to secure a card in my notebook computer such that it is tough to remove, but still removable. The card slot is on the side, such that when I put the notebook in my computer backpack it's either facing up or down, which makes it likely to get 'eject'ed. So far suggestions have been 'piece of scotch tape' or 'crazy glue' (in which case it is never ever going to come out, which I'd consider if our universe had reached peak sd card storage size already ;)

Pic here . That's with the card in the inserted, 'secure' position already, so you can see it sticks out a bit.

Thx mefiters!
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Stick two protective nubs of sugru next to it, one on each side, so it's hard to press it accidentally.
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Blue painters tape. Stays in place but is easy to remove without residue.
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Gaff tape? I'm almost positive i've done that before
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museum putty. sticks well but not permanent.
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how about something like this:
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Does your laptop have a full SD Card slot underneath? Looks like it does.

If so, a shortening microSD card adapter used in the SD slot will make the card end up flush against the side of your laptop.
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I would use a hot glue gun, applying just enough to cover the end of the card and seal the slot. Applying gently from an angle, not squirting the stuff down the slot.

That will give a mechanically secure attachment and also seal up the slot against dust and debris.

When you need to get it out, just get a blunt blade between the glue and the side of the laptop and it will come away cleanly in a nice satisfying chunk. Hot glue is great like that.
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In the squodgeable plastic department, polycaprolactone (PCL, CAPA, InstaMorph, Polymorph, Polydoh, Friendly Plastic, ...) isn't quite as runny as hot glue. If you have a dual-temperature gun, low temp hot glue is far more solid and less likely to gum up the works of your lappy
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scruss - sadly, no full size SD card in this guy. Directly beneath the microsd card slot is a sim card slot : /

Thx for all the suggestions, people. : )
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