curtain conundrum
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I have a set of curtains with eyelet rings. I have a set of windows where--due to the previous owners 70's-era sensibilities--the only way to hang curtains is with hooks that then attach to a curtain runner. Is there a way to convert the eyelet curtains so I can use them on those windows?

I can sew pretty well; I just have no experience with curtains. I know that eyelet tape exists for when you want to go in the other direction (you want to put eyelets on curtains that don't have them). But in this case, I'm not even sure which search terms to use or what to look for.

Please believe me that installing a normal curtain rod over these windows would be a much larger project than I am up for right now, since it would involve tearing down the fake wall they built above and below the windows.

Any suggestions for the curtains?
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Would the curtains be too short if you'd cut off the part with the eyelets, and added the tape for the hooks that go on the curtain runner?
I don't know sewing terms in English, but Ikea calls it 'pleating tape'. Here's the stuff I mean.
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Might also be "curtain tape" or "curtain heading tape".
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Pleating tape! That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Thank you!
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You will probably need some compatible curtain hooks to go with that pleating tape.

If that were my house, I'd just use key rings to bodge a connection between the existing eyelet rings and the rings under the runners. Or maybe even tie each eyelet ring to its runner ring with a couple of turns of string.
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Or little zipties.
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yes, you may be able to get some kind of connection going between the eyelets and the rings in the runner - this may or may not be visually pleasing so try a short section and have a look.

If you decide on an alteration the curtains may be too short after chopping off the eyelets. You may be able to find a complimentary fabric to make up the difference and add that at the top or bottom. Possibly at the top because the less on eye level these things are the less obvious any imperfections would be.

This kinda comes down to what you're willing to live with in terms of appearance.
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Could you post a pic of your setup? I'm having trouble visualizing.
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Shower curtain hooks might be able to hook through the rugs on the curtain runner
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I second the shower curtain hook idea.
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This is similar to a question I have been dealing in the place I recently moved in to. I've always had curtain rods and now I have runners, so none of my current sets of curtains actually fits. I will have to explore some of these options. Thanks!
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