Dirt in my wedding ring-help!
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Jewelry filter: I have a wedding ring here and it is peridot and diamond stones. I recently went hiking and a lot of dirt got stuck behind the stones. I have tried washing it and scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush, but some of it is not coming out. There are tiny holes in the backside of the gems that the dirt got into. Any ideas for cleaning? Would a jeweler be able to clean it?
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Have you tried soaking it overnight?
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Ultrasonic cleaner. About $30. Or take it to a jeweler who will use theirs. My experience is they are happy to do it while you look (or pretend to look) at their items for sale.
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No- should I soak just in water?
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Water can't hurt it. But I have also had jewelers clean my things for free as cosmic says.
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Go into any jeweler in the mall that isn't busy. Tell them you'd like your ring cleaned. Window shop in their store for five minutes and you'll have a sparkly clean ring.
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I'm sure a jeweler would have an ultrasonic bath, or tiny little tools that they could easily use on your ring.
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If all else fails, your jeweller has the skills to take apart your ring and reassemble it (and perhaps even fill those holes? ) if you're ok with that.
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Yeah, jewelers are usually happy to provide cleaning as a free service.
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Not fill holes! Holes on purpose!

(baby on chest)
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I'd try a can of compressed air from an office supply store (after doing research to determine if the propellant would mess up the gems)
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Nthing going to a jewelry store and having them clean it in their ultrasonic cleaner. It will make it so shiny!

Don't feel awkward about doing this. I used to do mystery shopping and one of my frequent assignments was to go to one of the jewelry stores in the mall and ask them for a ring cleaning. Unfortunately I don't remember which store, but it was one of the typical mall chains. Free jewelry cleaning is actually a service they are supposed to offer, so as a mystery shopper I had to see how nice they were about it.
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Don't -- I repeat DON'T -- use an ultrasonic cleaning method to clean your peridot. The stone is too soft. See here and here.

I was stupid enough to do this to mine a few times (when I was young and didn't know any better) and I didn't do the stone any favours, which is why I'm having to replace it. Actually the links also say no steam cleaning either, although mild soap and water is find.

If you do take it to a jewellers, ask how they're going to clean it before handing it over.
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Of course "find"="fine." [edit pony]
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Yes go to a jewelry store. There is one near me that makes and repairs jewelry as well as selling it, and he is always happy to clean rings and he knows stones. If there is a store of this kind near you they know what they are doing.
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If your ring were from a brick and motor store, I'd suggest going to the store and asking them to clean it. Tiffany's and any other place will do it, plus they will know about the stones and metal in your ring, so you can avoid the issue that sardonyx mentioned.

Since your link sounds like you got it at an online store, have you tried calling/emailing them? Their contact info is here. Maybe they can offer suggestions on how to clean it, or where to go to get it cleaned.
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I used to clean my diamond and white gold ring by soaking it in vodka overnight.
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