I think I’m fine, but maybe just demi
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I really like “demi-fine” jewelry (often gold vermeil), as it doesn’t irritate my skin like cheaper metals but is still often interesting and fun, not too expensive/“classic.” My usual price range is $75-250 for a piece, depending on the size etc. Any recommendations?

I’ve heard the term used by one of my favorite brands, Wolf Circus, to describe their jewelry. I have a signer ring from them that I wear every day and it really holds up. The design is pretty and interesting but it was less than $200, which is what I can afford.

Other brands I’ve seen that fall into this bucket:
- Mejuri. I own earrings by them (gold vermeil) that tarnished(?) almost instantly, after one wear. I’m talking to their customer service and they are helpful but honestly I don’t love their designs that much, too basic.
- Leah Alexandra. Can go a bit expensive but I like that it’s unique and romantic.
- Louise Damas. I like the prices and how things lean vintage in design.
- J.Hannah. Gorgeous minimalist designs but too expensive for me even at their cheapest price point.

I like the raw(?) pearl trend that’s been happening for awhile but haven’t found a piece I really loved yet.

Anyway, I only have a couple of pieces that I wear reliably and would love a few more rings and some dependable earrings. I basically only do gold jewelry. Appreciate your help!
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Holly Yashi
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Is Child of Wild too trendy? They have great gold layering necklaces (the ones I have don’t tarnish, feel nice/substantial) and it looks like they’re on top of the pearl trend.
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I see a lot of jewelry in Leah Alexandra's style at Moorea Seal. The pearl trend seems to be centered on baroque pearls - there's a huge range of that stuff on Etsy right now because freshwater pearls are relatively cheap.
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Mejuri Edited to add: still learning to read. Sorry folks.
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I am currently obsessed with Missoma.
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For what you're looking for I would highly recommend Local Eclectic.

They carry many of the smaller brands who do work that sounds like exactly what you're looking for. They carry fine stuff too, but the majority is in your price range and sounds like what you're looking for. They actually carry quite a few of the designers you mentioned, but also tons more.
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