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I have one primary TV in my living room that I use to watch streaming services, with no cable subscription. I would like to be able to mirror whatever I'm currently watching on that TV to a smaller screen in the kitchen so I can fetch snacks or wander off to do small chores without having to pause my show.

I stream shows from Netflix and Hulu mostly, and more occasionally Amazon Prime. As far as equipment I currently own, I have an older chromecast, a 2nd gen fire stick, an android phone, a couple of different large laptops (my current one running windows 10, and a retired laptop that runs Windows 7), a Fire tablet and an iPad--the screen on those is probably smaller than I'm wanting, but I think I have a spare 22" computer monitor that I could connect to one of the tablets.

I primarily use the fire stick for watching TV these days because it supports Amazon Prime and Philo but if the ideal solution here involves some sort of chromecasting setup then I'll consider it. I'm willing to buy a 2nd chromecast or fire stick. I'd prefer to use a 2nd screen that I already own, but as a last resort I'd be willing to get something like a sub-$100 19" TV. I am not particularly concerned about image quality for these purposes. And again, I am only looking for a solution to being able to mirror identical content on two screens in separate rooms.
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Neither the Fire nor the Chromecast support the sort of mirroring you're looking for exactly. I think your best bet would be an HDMI splitter and a wireless HDMI transmitter. I don't own either of those two devices so they're just my best guess what would work. Or a really, really long HDMI cable into your kitchen.
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Have you seen this?
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If you connect to the Chromecast/TV from one of the laptops to start the video playing initially, and keep the laptop in the kitchen, you can cast the entire desktop instead of just the browser tab and as long as you can hear the TV's audio from the kitchen you should be all set. Once I've done that I can pause and unpause the playback from Chrome on any other device. (I also have an older 1st-generation Chromecast. There might be some way to get the audio on both ends too, for all I know.)
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