Favorite Halloween episodes of TV shows available on streaming.
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My SO and I love watching Halloween-themed stuff this time of year. What are some awesome Halloween episodes of TV shows that are available on Netflix, HBO Go or Amazon Prime? Assume that we're not looking for movie recommendations (got that covered) and the following series are mainstays/have been seen:

Roseanne (probably the pinnacle of the genre, tbh)
Simpsons Treehouses of Horror
Freaks & Geeks
Malcolm in the Middle
My So-Called Life
and the stuff that is run on network TV every year (Great Pumpkin, etc)

Any genre or decade of TV is open for consideration. Thanks!
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The Psych Halloween episodes are all great; Tuesday the 17th might be my favorite.
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The Buffy episode "Hush" is still one of the creepiest things I've seen on TV.

I also came here to mention the Psych Halloween episodes.

This is probably outside the range of the "spirit of Halloween" tone you're looking for, but Netflix's series Hemlock Grove is a good binge-watch that is atmospheric and so relentlessly weird that you may end up giving up, but now is a good time of year to give it a shot (and the third season will be available Oct 23).
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Gravity Falls: "Summerween"
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Parks & Rec! Season 2, Episode 7 (Greg Pikitis!) is probably my favorite (and Louie CK guest stars), but the Harvest Festival from Season 3 (Episode 7) is a good general fall episode!

The Legend of Sleepy Hallow Wishbone episode is entirely on Youtube!

Epidemiology and Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps are my two favorite Halloween episodes of Community.
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Parks and Recreation "Greg Pikitus" (Netflix)
Community "Epidemiology" "Horror Fiction in Seven Easy Steps" (Hulu)
Bob's Burgers "Full Bars" (Netflix)
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The Halloween Buffy episodes are 2x06, "Halloween," 4x04, "Fear Itself," and 6x06, "All the Way." They are all really fun and are good intros to Buffy in general, if you have not seen it before.
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Over the Garden Wall! Less overtly Halloween, but totally has that vibe.
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Seconding Parks and Recreation "Greg Pikitus" - a really great episode.
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The Halloween episode of the office (second season) is great and on Netflix!
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Oh, and the third season episode of The Office, "Business School" is definitely Halloween-y. And very funny.
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