Universal Streaming TV Watch List?
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So now that CW has cut ties with Hulu in favor of Netflix (full seasons will be available 8 days after the season finale), I have three places to keep track of current TV: Hulu for NBC, Fox and ABC; CWtv.com for CW; and cbs.com for CBS shows. Halp!

I watch 90% of current TV on a computer rather than a TV, and I have Fire TV which I use when I'm watching at home in my living room, but that's not where I usually watch TV. There is a <1% chance of me watching these shows live as they air, and I don't have or want cable/DVR.

What I do want is a place that will keep track of when new episodes become available to stream so I can check one place instead of three. I'm happy to go to various sites to actually stream the shows, I just want to know when the new episodes have aired and are available online. Does such a thing exist?
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Trakt.tv might work.
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I like SideReel on web and iOS a lot.
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My husband and I hate the one we use, iTV Shows, but have just had a friend endorse Couchy, but it's iOS only if that bothers you.
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I've only used JustWatch a little, but it seems to do what you want.

Oops: It has The CW, but not cbs.com
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I use TV Calendar to track airdates, but it has no info on streaming dates. But aren't most shows available on each network on-demand service almost immediately, and expire in a week or two?
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Fan TV might work for this. I use it more for movies and for where a tv series in general might be available for streaming, but it should have episode info too.
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If you're an Androider—and Amazon Fire might count—you might like TV Show Favs. The search is a little wonky in the current version, but I've been using it for years and am otherwise very happy with it.
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