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I'm moving and need someone to do a move-out cleaning next weekend. I could of course use Handy, but I'd really rather give my money to an actual small business or self-employed person than hand over a big cut to "disruptors." (I haven't used professional cleaners in a few years, and my old cleaning person is out of the game.) Does anyone have personal experience with someone RELIABLE who might be available in Manhattan on such short notice? Thanks.
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Best answer: I’m not sure if they’ll be available short notice, but I LOVE . Have never had such a through cleaning, and they’re a worker-owned coop, which is non-negotiable for us. They were even featured in The NY Times!

We originally found them through an app/ website called Up & Go. It actually IS a startup, but it’s really just a scheduling system for worker-owned cleaning coops. I’m positive that they could help you schedule someone (relatively) ethical on short notice.
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Best answer: We use Wizard of Homes and have been well satisfied.
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Best answer: I too used Up & Go and found Brightly. I don't think the Up & Go site is really set up for move out cleaning services, but their booking isn't actually automated--you're essentially submitting a request to a person who finds a member co-op with compatible availability--so if you phone (646.844.0334), they can likely help you find co-ops that do move out cleaning.

(I don't have a hard line of using only worker-owned cleaning services, but I was trying for "as ethical as possible, while actually making a choice". Wizard of Homes seems to be the default rec in Manhattan, but they don't cover Upper Manhattan.)
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Best answer: Try New York's Little Elves.
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Best answer: Si Se Puede is great! Also a worker coop. Not all of the women speak English, but there's a scheduler who can help translate and make sure your job is clear. The cleaner I've worked with for years is fantastic.
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Best answer: We have used Cleaning with Meaning and have been happy thus far.
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Seconding Si Se Puede. Based in Sunset Park, but I'm sure they do work in Manhattan. They're fantastic.
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