I want your favorite mushroom recipes - fresh and dried!
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I want to hear all about your favorite mushroom recipes! Where either the mushrooms are a main ingredient or are heavily featured. I impulse-purchased a large container of dried mushrooms at Costco (a mix of portobello, oyster, slippery jack, and black trumpet according to the label) and don't quite know what to do with them, so dried mushroom recipes would be useful, but I'm also learning to love fresh mushrooms, so tell me how you cook them! No allergies in our house, but I'm not great with spicy foods.
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I make this Lentil and Mushroom dish with cream instead of almond milk. It's delicious and even a three-year-old gobbled it happily last night. I use more mushrooms than the recipe calls for.
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Drunken Wild Mushroom Pasta - goat cheese, thyme, sherry, all that good stuff

Duxelles on toast

Beef Wellington if you're feeling very adventurous (it uses duxelles)
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Hey, this mushroom ragout from David Tanis is fantastic and is on my no-meat-Monday rotation.
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You want a mushroom barley soup!
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Fresh: Roughly slice a few portobello mushrooms. Mince a couple of cloves of garlic. Shred a bunch fresh herbs: parsley, oregano and thyme, say.

Saute the mushrooms in butter or olive oil on high heat. Heat is important. The pan needs to be hot enough that the mushrooms squeak. That way they brown, otherwise they just give up all their liquid without browning.

Once the mushrooms are browning, toss in the garlic and herbs, saute some more, and add salt. The mushrooms will start to sweat out their juice. When it smells good and the garlic isn't actually raw, you're done.

Serve as a great side or on top of your favourite starch. Works with most mushrooms not just field mushrooms. Om nom nom.

Dried: soak them in hot water. Strain the water when soft (to catch any sand or other detritus and reserve it. Slice the now soft dried mushrooms and saute. Then make a risotto, use the soak water as part of the liquid, and add the mushrooms and whatever else you fancy.

Dried mushrooms are good with lentils, or as a nice note in tomato-based pasta sauce and meat dishes.
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Risotto with almonds, dried cherries, and mushrooms is lovely in the winter. Garnish with crisped sage.
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I put sautéed mushrooms in my otherwise-standard green bean casserole. I also love omelets with just, like, a preposterous amount of sautéed mushrooms, and I add mushrooms to the Full English fry-up our family has on Christmas morning.

As for recipes, I did try this one for savory mushroom pie made with z variety of dried fungus. I subbed in milk for the soy creamer and one of my own crust recipes (one from a vintage edition of the Fannie Farmer cookbook, and one from a restaurant kitchen where I'd been the de-facto pastry chef. Since then, they've both deserted my poor swiss cheese memory). My mother liked it, and she's a tough critic.
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Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Powder makes everything taste delish!!
It calls for porcini, but you could try subbing your mix?
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Hungarian mushroom soup with paprika and dill--not what I normally associate with mushroom soup but it's delicious and different.
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I would absolutely try that mushroom powder with your mix. I just got my first container of mushroom umami powder from Trader Joe's and am super interested in making my own now.
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Honestly....take whatever mushrooms you have, sautee in butter + a little bit of garlic salt. Serve over white rice.
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I put all those in Asian noodle bowls. Good stock plus whatever veg you like plus a bunch of mushrooms, maybe an egg or two, easy and delicious!
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We recently started dry sautéing our mushrooms -- cooking them without fat in the pan until they release their water -- and it seems to bring out the mushroom flavor really well.
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Lidia's Mushroom Ragù over polenta is delicious--having it tonight in fact because I also have lots of interesting mushrooms right now. The ragù can also go into risotto and over pasta. Make sure to save and use the water from reconstituting the dried mushrooms in your sauce.
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2nding mushroom risotto. I find mushrooms absolutely revolting, but my Italian friend made me a proper mushroom risotto (mushroom broth, mushroom chunks, and a strong smoky flavor added) and it was so good I went back for seconds and thirds, and ate more the next day!
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Mushrooms Berkeley, from the Vegetarian Epicure cookbook, is absolutely amazing. I typically serve it over spaghetti.
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Put a double handful of the dried mushrooms into a container, cover with white wine, microwave for 30 seconds or so, and then let stand for half a day in the fridge. Then saute some garlic and onions, add the mushrooms and wine, and simmer while making some pasta. (Depending on how big the mushrooms get after soaking, you could drain them and chop them a bit first.) Near the end, add some cream and black pepper to the mushroom sauce, and finally add to the pasta and serve. Super simple and delicious.
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We get fresh mushrooms from our CSA and have had to learn how to use them (other than put them in stir fries, fajitas, and over noodles)
Two of our favorites:
mushrooms + wilted spinach + bacon (recipe from our CSA!)
vegetarian french dip
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