Forgot to set Instant Pot to hold pressure, now what??
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I set the Instant Pot for X start up time + 12 minutes + 5 release for frozen chx wings. I came back after 17 minutes to start making the sauce, and realized I forgot to set the switch over from release to "hold" pressure. Now I switched it over, should I just cook them for 12 minutes (after it pressurizes), or less? TIA
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Best answer: In my experience, it usually takes at least 15 minutes for it to heat up to build pressure anyway. I'd just restart it with 12 minutes. Since it's (presumably) pretty hot I think it will quickly seal and start its count down.

Alternatively, take the top off and see if the wings are thawed now and adjust the time for thawed wings vs frozen (not sure of the times but it should be easy to find that guidance if it's not included in the recipe).
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Response by poster: Thanks. I did just let them cook for the full time. They might have been a little over done, but still were delicious. Thanks for the input!
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