Searching for short, fat female style bloggers/Instagrammers
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I can find petite style blogs/accts and fat style blogs/accts, but it's hard to find the combination. As an overweight 4'11'' woman, I'm finding that what works for thin petite women or tall fat women doesn't necessarily look great on me, and I'm struggling to figure out how to make clothes work on my body in a way that I like.

Do you know any fashion sources with posters who are say, under 5'3", and are at least a size 10? In an ideal world, the style would be some combo of feminine/classic/slightly edgy and it wouldn't have a body shaming/"wear this to hide your flaws" kind of attitude.
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Curvy Sewing Collective is, as you might guess, primarily for sewists. But I've found it helpful to browse posts to get an idea of what clothes might work for me.

I hope this isn't all stuff you've already seen - but I found these using the keywords [petite curvy fashion bloggers].

Ready to stare
Curious Fancy
Nadia Aboulhosn
Jessica Torres
Tiffany Diana

Hope some of this helps. Good luck!
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Lydia Okello/Style is Style
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Bloglovin has some sewists who fit this description. Crafting a Rainbow, and Cooking and Crafting are two I follow. I'm sure there are more.
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Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen is petite and plus-sized, and her blog is great. She's also on IG. Happy reading!
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Slightly outside your parameters but I'm real fat and 5'5", my insta is in my profile!
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