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Recommendations sought for noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds that are good at blocking noise while I sleep.

I prefer them to cost $200 and under and preferably not be Bose, though at my pricepoint Bose is unlikely anyway. What I especially need is that, while a white noise app plays and I (attempt to) sleep, they block these sorts of sounds:

- talking in an adjacent room, door closed, when people are using normal speaking voices
- doors closing (not slamming)
- a large, hound-type dog barking
- music being played at a reasonable volume
- cooking and dish clinking sounds

The house I live in has zero carpeting which is nice for cleaning but less nice for noise. Sounds carry oddly into my bedroom - though three walls separate me from the barking dog, it still seems like he is barking right in my ear.

I am aware that no headphones will really block all of these sounds, especially bass. I am therefore seeking the best product to minimize them for the price described. I find Askme very helpful for suggesting products or websites I would never have come across on my own.

(I already use Mac's silicone earplugs, take magnesium, try not to drink caffeine and alcohol too late at night, etc.)
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I just bought a set of Shure SE 315 earbuds in November. I use the foam earpieces & they sound fantastic & do a pretty good job of blocking outside noises. I fall asleep with them in my ears most nights. The wire is braided & long enough to reach my iPod on my nightstand & i’m a satisfied customer.

With music playing at a reasonable volume last night, they blocked out the fireworks.
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The Wirecutter noise cancelling headphones budget pick is about $100. The ear buds budget pick is cheaper still. The wirecutter recommendations are usually very good.

However I highly recommend the Bose headphones (which I know you're not really interested in). I have been in hospital since 31st December and they've provided me so much relief from my very noisy surrounding. To me, they are worth every cent.
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Whoops: link to noise cancelling earbuds here
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The Shure in-ear phones mentioned by Devils Rancher represent the best idea: physically block the sound.

Ignore noise canceling earphones, and focus on the in-ear phones that provide a great seal. This will be the absolute best strategy to block the various types of noise you mentioned.

One search term that might help is: In-ear Monitors.
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They're the wrong brand and over your budget but have you heard of Bose's Sleepbuds? $249 for pretty much exactly what you want.
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To sleep in similar circumstances I use earplugs and a white noise machine.

My preferred earplugs are Peltor Sport Tri-Flange Corded Reusable Earplugs, currently about $6 for three pairs. They seal well and sit fairly flush with my head, so side-sleeping is comfortable. They are washable and each pair lasts several weeks.

The sound machine is an Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan. It's small, costs $50, and gets loud.

YMMV but this combo is so effective for me that I have concerns about sleeping through a smoke alarm.
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Etymontic makes some surprisingly good passive "ear-plug" style cans that sound really nice and work much better than any active noise-cancelling option I've tried. The cheapish MK ones are surprisingly good.

If you're a side-sleeper, they do stick out a bit, which may require some complicated pillow or elbow arranging.
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I'm also a week sleeper with no carpets. I have an assortment of urban and apartment sounds that sometimes need blocking out. I've tried a bunch of things, including sleep earbuds that played delta rhythms white nose, which it's supposed to be good for calming. I loved them but the battery could not be relied on to last the night and I ended up returning. The best thing I've found is the Lectrofan someone else already mentioned.

I'd prefer to sleep in absolute silence but I was surprised how well I could sleep even with the white noise turned up high enough to blend out neighborhood music, banging pipes, etc. I travel with it now. It's also much cheaper than the ear buds.
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