Looking for an Ibex (clothing) measurement, women's medium
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I'm trying to transition my wardrobe from fleece to wool. I like Ibex but they are (currently) defunct, so their items are only available on eBay and generally not returnable. Evidence (w small) suggests that their torso style is longer and skinnier than mine. If someone out there has an Ibex women's medium top, would you measure the torso length for me? I'm thinking zipper length if it's a full zip, collar to bottom edge otherwise. Thanks in advance. (Other advice on nice plain wool clothing mfgrs beyond Smartwool and Icebreaker is welcome.)
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I got you fam

An Ibex pullover with a zipper halfway down the front was 23 inches in front and a little over 24 in back, measuring right from the neckline where the small turtleneck hit the seam. My Ibex long underwear shirt was the same (it had a little scoop neck so the front was slightly shorter, but back was also just a little over 24). I have a racerback tank from them in a *large* which was 23 inches.

For what it's worth I have a short torso but big boobs and normally would go for a large first for that reason, and these are a little long on me. And my tighter tank tops/sports bra like items from them are in larges, so I think the slight flexibility of the fabric meant that medium torso length stretched enough to work on my bigger boobs when I tried them on.

FYI all of those are meant to be base or layering type of items, and while I can and definitely do wear them just-as, they're not something like a nice wool shirt you might wear to the coffee shop if you know what I mean? But if that's just fine and is what you're looking for, there's a nice place out of Montana I really like, and while they can be expensive let's just put it this way - I wore one of their t-shirts every day while hiking 900 miles and it's still in fine shape! They're called Duckworth.
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Tangentially, LL Bean has wool clothing, if you call, they will have measurements.
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Awesome, thank you!
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