What and where is this Ohio church?
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Years ago, a family member of mine inherited a beautiful black-and-white photograph of a large church in Ohio. I've been trying without luck to figure out what church it is, but my Google-fu is failing me. Can you help?

This is the church. I also included close-ups of the sign in front of the church, which is partially obscured but indicates that it's a First Baptist Church with a pastor named Seasholes. The church is on Ohio Route 51 and is next door to a mechanic named Jones & Schnell. Those seem like good clues, but I'm coming up blank. Can you help me figure out exactly where this church is, and its full name?
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Could it be this one?
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Doing a Google image search of "gothic baptist church ohio" led me to The First Baptist Church of Dayton.
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Wiki says OH-51 is under 31 miles long. I wonder if you can just use google street view to look for the site? This site can automate that for you.
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Route 51 doesn't go through Dayton.
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That's it! Thank you so much for solving the mystery, brilliant sleuths!
posted by southern_sky at 8:39 AM on December 26, 2018

That makes more sense!
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