Where to snowbird?
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Last year, I asked how to snowbird. Now I need suggestions for where.

Mr. DrGail and I want to spend a few weeks someplace warm this winter. We have very few requirements, beyond that it be within about fifteen hours' drive from Chicago. It doesn't even have to be really warm, but we definitely want to shed the down jackets and mittens. We'd like to be situated within a few hours' drive from Montgomery AL so we can see the lynching museum and memorial, but we're willing to take an overnight trip if it works out that way. Beyond that, we'd like a location with some nice restaurants nearby, perhaps some galleries or interesting shops to explore either close at hand or accessible on a day trip. Mostly we just want to kick back, live our lives, take the dog for walks, all without shivering. Ideas?

If you have suggestions for a place to stay, I'd love to hear them. Otherwise, we have a VRBO account and we know how to use it.
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Charleston, SC, would hit pretty much all of your points (although it's a 7-ish-hour drive from Montgomery)
posted by fso at 12:49 PM on November 26, 2018

Chicago to Savannah is about 15 hours. Savannah to Montgomery is about 5.5 hours. Savannah has everything you listed. Lots of sunshine in the winter.
posted by mareli at 2:14 PM on November 26, 2018

Look into Fairhope AL?
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New Orleans is my immediate thought. It's almost exactly 15 hours from Chicago, it's 4-5 hours from Montgomery, and it is positively loaded with galleries, shops, and restaurants.
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All above are good thoughts. Just depends about balance among, and preferences about, $$$ vs. community size/amenities.
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