Does this bed need a Bunkie Board?
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The description of this Dylan Twin bunk bed set says "Box spring not required". Does that mean this 6" spring mattress can be placed directly on the slats, or does it need to have a bunkie board (not included)?
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The description also says "designed to be used with two standard twin-sized coil spring mattresses only", so that suggests the ones you linked will be fine. No board required.
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2nding jenny - place mattress directly on slats. I see you're not considering it, but in case of future readers, the slats look to be too far apart to use with a foam mattress - those require much less gap between slats - but a coil spring mattress will be just fine.
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Mattress on slats doesn't sound very comfortable. thin plywood might be useful.
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Probably not required, but my boys have each broken a couple of internal bunkie board slats. I imagine that if I didn't have the board, it would have been the bed slats that failed.
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