Are there resources to find environmental internships for teenagers?
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My son is in high school and beginning to look for a summer internship loosely related to the environment or doing work in the woods. The location needs to be in the Boston metropolitan region (and outskirts) and he's struggling to figure out where to start. Is there any central location (i.e. website) to help track down these sort of internships? Again, geography is an issue: looking for something in about a 20 mile radius of the Boston area.

Ideally this would be paid, but exceptions could be made for the right gig. Things he has enjoyed doing include clearing trails, helping with animals and doing water testing, but he is pretty open-minded about what else might be expected.
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He might have to reach out to these orgs individually, but here is a good area list.
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Look for land trusts in the area.
Here’s the MA coalition of land trusts, if one is super covenient for you I would consider cold calling asking for volunteer/learning opportunities and can we call it an internship.

EPA region 1 is New England, with headquarters in Boston, they will have offerings fairly regularly, or again you can call them for better info.

Finally everyone should know about, which includes many jobs allied with environmental work and conservation.
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Look for a youth conservation corps associated with the state, city or parks nearby. They are all over the country.
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