After the Flood (journals edition)
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How do I save water-damaged journals?

my librarian friend said, "put them in a freezer for six months and they'll dehydrate." I did. what I have now is a frozen solid block of journals.

Any guidance?
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The ice has to sublimate (evaporate). When it does this, it turns into water vapor in the air in your freezer. Then, every time you open your freezer, the air gets exchanged for new, drier air from outside. If you live in a humid climate, the new air won't be drier.

Also, a crappy older freezer that is less reliably airtight would exchange the air without being opened.

So: 1) Have as dry of an environment around the freezer as you can. 2) Open and close the door regularly, at least once a day. 3) As mentioned, get some Silica Gel to absorb the water vapor in the freezer air.
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