Yummy Dessert, Instant Pot Edition
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What are your favorite desserts to make in the IP? I'm looking for tried and true recipes, otherwise I'd just Google it. Thank you!!
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Cheesecake. Get the silicone springform insert, follow all the tips exactly, make an outstanding cheesecake.

Chocolate cheesecake, using the tips from the basic cheesecake recipe.

I am not an expert baker and had never made cheesecake before and these recipes both turned out delicious and surprisingly pretty.
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Cobbler. I tried this in my IP and it worked great!
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Creme Caramel
* put 400ml of milk, 25gm sugar, and 1/4 vanilla bean (if using) into small mason jar
* fill Instant Pot pot with 1c water, put jar on the rack in the pot to scald the milk. Use "Steam" setting and set for 1 minute. (This is a useful technique called "Pot in pot" or PIP)
* mix 4 eggs in big mason jar then add 25mg sugar and some vanilla extract, and mix with a whisk or a blender
* now caramelize 1/2c sugar (100gm) with bit of water and lemon juice. Pour the caramel into 6 buttered ramekins
* take 1/4c or so of the scalded milk and mix it into the egg mixture ("tempering"), then mix that back into all of the milk
* pour into the ramekins on top of the caramel
* cover the ramekins (some use saran wrap; I use tiny silicone lids
* cook ramekins PIP on Steam for 9min, Natural Release ; I do them 3 at a time
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