Maybe I just have an overactive imagination and made the whole thing up.
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Reminded by this post: Please help me identify a movie that I only recall having seen years and year (like, 15 or so) ago.

I freely admit that I have very little to go on, more a vague image of a particular scene in the movie, and absolutely no idea as to what the deuce the plot may have been about. I saw it as a child, so it's not too likely some crazy wild gory violent movie, but I honestly don't know. Anyhow, here goes.

The scene that I remember involved someone, I think a girl (although I'm nowhere near sure) painting or drawing a figure on the ground in some building of sorts. It may have been out in space, but it also might have been deep underwater. All I remember is that outside of the building was some sort of hazardous environment. Anyhow, (s)he draws a butterfly-like figure on the ground, and then it comes out of the ground, flaps its wings a few times in front of her/him, and then bursts out one of the nearby windows. Possibly (s)he gets sucked out after it, but I'm a bit shaky on that.

And that's all I remember. I've been curious about this for a few years now, and in the post above the image for the tenth movie (Phantasm, apparently) reminds of that scene... but I'm pretty sure that they have nothing to do with each other.
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Response by poster: Well, that answers that question that's been nagging me for years. Thanks!
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