Help me identify this animated (possibly stop motion) movie
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I'm trying to find this incredibly bizarre stop motion (?) movie I saw on Netflix DVD around 2008-ish.

Here's what I remember about it:

I'm going to guess it was relatively current as of ~2008.

It was made with impressive, meticulously crafted sets.

IIRC it was created by just one woman, who filmed it and hand made all of the... everything.

I want to say a lot of the characters/set design were made from felted wool and sewn fabric.

I don't remember anything about the plot of this movie.

It involved (I am pretty sure) forest animals.

I don't believe it was intended as a children's movie, and there may have been felty gore involved.

I'm 90% certain no one spoke during the entire movie, except maybe animal noises or gibberish.

I wasn't in the, er, correct state of mind to judge this accurately, but one of the few parts of the story I remember was a scene repeating over and over and over again with slight variations, in a dark room with a table. There were possibly stairs, or someone opening a door. It felt like it went on forever. I had to turn the movie off because at this point it turned into a very bad trip and hurt my head.

The movie was rented on Netflix DVD through an old roommate's account so I can't track it that way.

Any help is appreciated, I've been trying to remember this for ages.

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Is it 9, from 2005?
posted by UrineSoakedRube at 9:16 PM on February 6, 2014

This list of stop motion films might help.
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Best answer: Oh god, oh god: Blood Tea and Red String
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Response by poster: YES! Naju! That is it!!!! I was beginning to think I'd dreamt it.
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Glad to help. That is one DEEPLY bizarre film.
posted by naju at 10:14 PM on February 6, 2014

This is why I love Metafilter.

Thanks to this thread, I used that video to teach the visual arts standards to my high school students. They are also deeply, deeply disturbed by it.
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