Calling Africa without going broke?
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What is the cheapest way to call Senegal?

My fiancee's been doing research in Dakar for the past several months. I had found some pre-paid phone cards that let me call her (cell-to-cell) for about $0.14/min. However, very recently, these rates more than doubled (even on the cards I'd already purchased).

She'll be there for another four months, and will begin spending long periods of time in villages where internet access (and hence email) is uncommon, although her cell phone will frequently still work. So, talking to her in person will become even more important. I'm already spending about as much as I spend on food to talk to her, and I can't really afford to pay double that.

I've searched and searched, but the best I seem to be able to find is around $0.22/min on the internet, including services like Skype and monthly membership plans.

Anybody know of something I've missed? Phone cards that can be ordered off the internet, monthly plans, and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I just found this comparison.
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Response by poster: Awesome, already any improvement. I didn't realize it was relevant that I'm calling a Sonatel phone.
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You may be interested in You enter the phone numbers on the site and, rather than making you use a headset or anything on your computers, it calls both phone numbers and connects them for you (over the net so for a smaller fee).
Rates to Senegal looked to be anywhere from 0.11 to 0.15USD.
Definitely try their five minute free trial and see what you think.
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How about Skype?
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I've tried using Skype to call my girlfriend's cellphone in South Africa, and it's never worked. So the chances of it working for a cellphone in rural Senegal might be even slimmer, no? Unless the service has improved immensely and I'm missing something.
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