Will eat for peanuts
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I just got the best peanut butter powder EVER. Into what should I mix it? Also, I adore peanut butter balls, so give me all your variations! My palate thanks you.
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Well...it's great in Greek yogurt as an apple dip.
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Hey, where did you get that awesome powder? =)
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Here. Their other products are meh, but for some reason the peanut butter powder is fantastic.
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Sprinkled on chocolate ice cream is good

Also good: mix some up with REALLY COLD milk so it's a thickish sauce kinda and then put that on your cold chocelty ice cream and if you're lucky the ice cream will semifreeze the pb sauce and mmmmm
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I sprinkle it on pad thai. You can also dip bananas in it.
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Ah yes, I love PB2. I put it in overnight oats.
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Slow cooker oatmeal
I <3 PB2
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Mix it with milk or almond milk to make a spreadable paste, and then put it on toast with nutella or chocolate chips.

Or, mix it with milk of choice and a little stevia and cinnamon and throw in some old-fashioned oats and chocolate chips or m&ms.

Also, mix it in with yogurt!
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Mix it into a can of coconut milk for a tasty base for peanut sauce.
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sprinkle it on banana pancakes
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Add to red curry sauce (or coconut milk + red curry paste) for an ersatz but delicious chicken panang curry -- also good as veg curry, or with beef. Or make your own panang paste, subbing the powder in for the peanuts.
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I ended up with way too much PB2 after a Costco purchase, so if you ever want a non-peanuty flavoured tasting use to get through it, this brownie recipe was actually really good.
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Peanut butter cup-flavoured smoothie - in addition to the PB2, just add some unsweetened cocoa powder.
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