Going nutty for nutty butters
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Please recommend all your delicious nut and seed butter combinations (but not Almond, ew). Some ones I’ve tried that I love: Soom's chocolate tahini, Earth Balance’s coconut + peanut, Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful, and Manna’s cashew coconut. And obviously, Gianduia.

What delicious nut + other ingredient butters are out there that I must eat? I like most nuts (except Almond, which I’m also slightly allergic to but not anaphylactic), and also love texture (crunch > creamy!). I have a sweet tooth, but don't want the sweet to overpower the other ingredients - so it's not essential. What others should I try?
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I like to mix 2 parts tahini (from sesame seeds) to 3 parts butter - sesame butter.
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I've really liked the Big Spoon Roasters nut butters I've tried. Unfortunately my favorite of theirs (chai spice) is almond-based, but they have some interesting non-almond ones too.
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Have you tried the other peanut butter & co's flavors? There's a cinnamon raisin swirl variety that's quite tasty and has lots of texture.
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Pistachio butter is a thing I did not even think of existing until recently. It is damn good, but mine comes from a place that roasts and grinds it themselves, so that is probably not much help to you.
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Cashew Cardamom. It's.. heavenly.
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A homemade suggestion: Mix peanut butter, brown sugar, and ginger together (grated fresh, dried, or crystallized bits).
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i used to mix dark tahini with date molasses and then found out half the middle east does too. Don't mix it all in, stir it to stripes and streaks, the contrast is important in taste
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