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My phone just updated and now there's a big google search bar at the bottom on my screen and I can't get rid of it. I'm on a Nokia 6.1, current Android version 9, latest patch 10/1/18.

Is the only option to use a custom launcher? I have no other real problems with the rest of the experience other than this new bottom search bar, I didn't even mind when it was at the top. I've googled a few ways to remove it, but it defaults with disabling the Google App which isn't an app I see in my settings.

Long press as well doesn't give me any options, and I see no real other way to remove it in any of the obvious settings pages, though I could be missing something.
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I have a Pixel (1st gen) running 9.1 and I cannot disable or delete the Google search bar at the bottom. I have come to peace with it and learned to live with it. It is all part of Google trying to integrate the Google Assistant into your life. It is getting harder and harder to simply own a phone without being too tide to any one eco system.

I have a OnePlus 6 running their (Oxygen) version of 9.0 and it is at the top and can be removed.

I think if your phone is not rooted and it is not a Sony or a Samsung, removing the bottom bar will be near impossible. I found instructions for Sony and Samsung. If long pressing does not give you the option to remove it, you are not missing anything, you are stuck with it until someone comes up with a hack.

You could use a custom launcher and mimic the stock Android or Nokia launcher without it as you reluctantly pointed out.
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I'm pretty sure you'll need to use a custom launcher. If you like the stock Google launcher otherwise, I've found Nova Launcher to be a very good replacement. (I used it mostly on phones that heavily customized the launcher to be something that doesn't look like Google's, 'cause I generally prefer the cleaner look that the stock launcher has. That said, I have a Pixel 3 now and I'm less than sold on the changes they introduced in Android 9 so I might make the switch back myself).
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Try long-pressing it and see if you get a pop-up option to remove the widget.
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I'll second the recommendation for Nova Launcher -- it's an excellent replacement that lets you do so much more.
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This same thing happened to me, and I had to replace the standard launcher to get rid of the search bar. I use Nova Launcher now and my screens look almost exactly the same as they did, except with no Google Search bar.
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Another vote for Nova Launcher. It's the first app I put on a new phone.
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