Parking in Boulder CO on Thirsday?
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Is there a place I can park a truck & small camper near downtown Boulder, CO, preferably within walking distance of a dog friendly lunch spot? Difficulty level: day after tomorrow.

Me, my daughter, two large dogs and an indignant cat are in the middle of a cross country move. We are driving a truck towing a tiny camper. My daughter would like to check out Boulder - it is where she was born 30something years ago! - but neither of us has been back since not long after that happy event. We should be getting there around noon so I thought it would be nice to walk around & have some lunch - with the dogs. The dogs are large, quite elderly and pretty chill. (The cat can stay in the camper and skip exploring Boulder.) Is there anywhere with a big, open parking lot where we could leave the camper? We need the equivalent of 2 standard parking spaces - end to end is ideal - and we don't do tight turns. Bonus question: dog and vegetarian friendly lunch recommendations?
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That's a tricky one, especially around lunchtime! I'm guessing that you will be coming in to Boulder from HWY 36, which goes through a town called Superior. If that is the case, and you will be dropping off the trailer and have the vehicle, I would recommend leaving the trailer at the huge parking lot at Costco/SuperTarget. Even during busy times, it should have room for you to maneuver without needing to turn or back up. It will leave you with a 10 minute drive into Boulder. Here is where I'm taking about: You'd probably want to cone the area in front of the trailer so no one parks there, just to be safe.

I'm sorry I can't think of anywhere else right now. In general, Boulder doesn't have these giant lots, and I don't know of many streets that would have reliably empty stretches. Of course, you could just take a chance and drive up and down some side streets until you find a long spot.

Good luck and enjoy your visit!
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I would call Boulder police and ask about the parking.
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