What to do in Boulder CO?
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I am visiting Boulder CO from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and have just run the BolderBoulder 10k race which took me through most of town. In addition, I've walked and shopped down Pearl Street, and toured the local University. What else is there to do in Boulder other than hiking the mountains? I have three more days to spend here and am hoping to do/try something that I can't do in Calgary.
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Buy cheese in a can. Then search for those hamburger pickle slices that are as big as the hamburger pattie itself.

/got nothin'
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Best answer: Welcome to Boulder. I don't live there, but I worked and played there for years.
You should eat dinner at the Chautauqua Dining Hall .
The National Center for Atmospheric Research has guided tours.
Visit the Naropa Institute, and hear about the beat generation and easter philosophy.
Take a half-day trip to Estes Part and visit the Stanley Hotel while humming Bartok under your breath. Estes is quite scenic on its own, and is worth visiting if you're a nature boy.
While you're driving to Estes, maybe you'd like to tour Celestial Seaonings in Longmont? Don't like tea? Tour a Meadery, instead.
Go hunting for the Mork & Mindy house. The address isn't publicized because the current owners love the house, but hate the "living in the Mork & Mindy" house experience.
There's LAZER FLOYD at the Planetarium, which is on campus.

So much to see and do, really. But still no Jello Biafra museum.
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Rent a mountain bike. If you don't feel like trying the mountains themselves, there's some great riding out on the range.
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Also in Estes - the Rocky Mountain National Park is spectacular. RMNP and Estes Park would be a full day; you could search for lodging and try and find a cabin by the river, if you want to stay the night. The Colorado Railroad Museum is in Golden. You could rent a bike and go biking - there's plenty of trails around Boulder, and you don't really need a car to get to them.
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Go see a show at the Fox Theater. Best music venue in Colorado.
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Some Estes Park lodging info. And: Boulder Bike Trails [unwieldy pdf].
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Response by poster: thank you so much guys!
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Oh! Make sure you make the drive up to Nederland. It's about 20 minutes into the mountains. There's a pretty waterfall about halfway to town that's just a short hike from the road. Nederland itself is a cute little mountain town with a bit of a hippie vibe.
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Response by poster: I am up heading up to Nederland in about ten minutes.

I'm really excited, and am enjoying my trip to Boulder so far. I did Pearl St. last night and managed to get some nice photos. I may head back there tomorrow to pick up some last minute items as well.

Celestial seasonings is also on the radar.

I'm just excited to be in the USA, where electronics and clothes are cheaper in Canada. I thought about picking up a Roomba just for fun from the local circuit city as well.
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