Help me find the title of this story
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What is the name of this Ray Bradbury story, and what collection can I find it in?

The story takes place in the near future, and all the humans are gone (presumably dead). Meanwhile, all automated functions of a house are going on, like a vaccuum cleaning the house, sprinklers coming on outside, lights turning on and off, etc.

I read this story years ago and found it very chilling, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was (I went through a phase where I read about 10 Bradbury books in 2 years, so I'm trying to save myself a smidge of time in finding it).
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Best answer: it is part of The Martian Chronicles. It's the second to last chapter called There Will Come Soft Rains.
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There Will Come...damn! preview.
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That was quick.
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Response by poster: AWESOME! Thanks so much.

Oh, and I highly recommend this story if you haven't read it. I found it online here.
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That was a great story. I just wish that instead of the house being destroyed, it'd ended with the daily routine beginning again. Something about that process going on day after day after day seems much more depressing and scary. Thanks for the link and the question!
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Scifi podcast Spaceship radio which does old scifi radio shows from the 50's has an audio version from December 5, 1956 that you can download and listen to, same as the short story version from what I remember. Enjoy!
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Don't forget the EC comics version illustrated by Wally Wood in Weird Fantasy #17.
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Thanks a lot Captain_Science and almostcool!
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My sixth grade teacher read that story to us, for which I've always been grateful since that was my first exposure to Bradbury.
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