Quest for daylight?
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MovieFilter: Name this 70s or 80s Sci Fi flick I remember seeing in daycare. There's a hero who has to play a futuristic version of chess/checkers against Sasquach in order to cross a retracting bridge.

I remember that the starting premise was that the earth was in perpetual night and a settlement sent out someone on an expedition to change that. In the end (spoiler) the hero succeeds as an old man and is seen walking Jesus-like through a meadow in bright sunshine.

I saw it in daycare sometime in the late 80s, and I got the impression that the Chewbacca monster cheated at the boardgame so the hero had to sprint for the retracting bridge anyway.

Is it foreign? Totally obscure? Is it really about Jesus?
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I think I remember something similar, but I can't quite get the name to come to the front of my mind. Were the pieces in the boardgame proto-CGI pyramids and cubes (or spheres?) and did the pieces take by zapping each other with lasers? I'll see if I can get my hindbrain to cough up a title.
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Response by poster: That sounds about right. The gameboard had a pyramidal top with open sides and the base of it was lit up like a slide-viewing plate.

Most of the movie was without dialog, if not all of it.
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If this is real, I really want to see it. "I suggest a new strategy, Jesus. Let the Sasquach win."
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Best answer: Sounds like Quest. I saw this in the 80's too, and I remember that the rapidly-aging hero had to play some sort of future-chess to cross the bridge, and the end featured the hero walking through a meadow.

As I recall, the main premise was that the hero and his people, for some reason, would live their entire lifespan in six days. At the end, the hero wonders what he will do with his remaining six thousand days.
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Response by poster: Right on the money.

I was really young, so I didn't get the whole rapid-aging thing. I just thought that he had to travel really really far in between scenes and had aged at a normal rate (made sense when I was 8 years old..)

Anyway, much thanks! I'm a Sci Fi fan and this is probably one of the first films I saw. Just always wanted to see that film again; get back to my roots!
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