Meatafilter! Suggest some meat and BBQ cookbooks
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I'd like to increase my meat-preparing skills and tricks, both basic stuff (think crockpot/onepot meals/stew) and fancy (think sous vide). Additionally I'd like more interesting grilling ideas. I have all kinds of relevant equipment. What are some good cookbooks you've enjoyed? Website suggestions are OK too but I go to cookbooks first when meal planning.
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The River Cottage Meat Book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Fish one is also good)
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I learned 90% of my current techniques, skills, and knowledge from Kenji at the Food Lab.

Skipping to his recipes is fine, but going through articles like this one about reverse searing or salting burgers really helps with intuition. Also tons of sous-vide and stew. And lots of grilling.

Notably: maybe reconsider the crockpot.
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Oh! I left off the bottom line: Because of all of the above, I recommend his JBFA-winning cookbook.
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My go-to resource for grilling and BBQ is I've been making his pulled pork for years, but I BBQed my first ever rack of ribs a few weeks ago following his instructions, and they were amaze-balls.
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Oh yeah! Meathead Goldwyn's book is amazing as well.
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I really liked this South American Grill cookbook
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I wholeheartedly recommend The Dinosaur Bar-B-Que cookbook. In my house we refer to this as The Bible.
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I came here to say Meathead. Kenji too.
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All of Steven Raichlen's recipes that I have tried have been great, but my favorite of his books is The Barbecue! Bible. The book covers barbecue and grilling from around the world.
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Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlmann is a great gateway into that area of meat prep. I also like Jane Grigsonā€™s Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery, but be aware that it is fairly dated and does have some techniques that we might now consider questionable (like hanging the Christmas sausages on the tree for a few days to age them).
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I've enjoyed all the books below, but they're a little old. I don't think they cover newer techniques like sous vide cooking.

Ratio by Ruhlmann
All the basics. What's worth making from scratch, and what's not. How to take your dishes to the next level. The best thing you can do for your meat may be to cook it in homemade stock, make an awesome sauce, or top it with homemade mayo.

Charcuterie by Ruhlman
This is for smoking or salting meats or making sausages.

The Barbecue Bible by Raichlen
Down home and around the world grilling recipes. Beer can chicken. Persian chicken painted with butter and saffron. It's not just meat, but it's great for that. Some of the down to earth tips, like painting steak with butter or avoiding breaking up grilled fish filets by simply not flipping them over are things I do constantly.

Roasting by Barbara Kafka
The conceit is that everything should be cooked at as high a temperature as possible to keep the meat simultaneously moist with a nicely crisp exterior. It works. The recipes are classic.

The Thrill of the Grill by Chris Schlesinger
Grilled everything. Southern basics and more inventive recipes with Caribbean flair.
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