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I need to get my BBQ on. What brands and suggestions for barbequing in Australia? When is the best time to buy? Who should I buy from?

I moved to Sydney. I have a small tiled area in the back that has the room for a BBQ grill. The previous tenant left me a regular charcoal grill but I would like to get a gas grill for outdoor cooking. I am familiar with brands in the US but the options in Australia are different. I am looking for that intersection of quality to price. So here are my questions:
  • What are good BBQ brands in Australia? Are there brands to avoid?
  • When is the best time to buy a grill/BBQ? I am willing to wait for the best deal possible.
  • Who should I buy the grill from? Online vendor? Sydney local vendor?
Here are some snowflakes:
  • I am in the Sydney area
  • I do not have a car so the grill needs to be delivered
  • No outdoor gas line is available so it has to be a propane tank.
  • I live near Bunnings and could Uber propane tanks
  • I will be getting a Weber Smoky Mountain later since I am very familiar with its use.
Guide me in my quest to offer the gods the good smells of burnt flesh.
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Bunnings sell barbecues. I wouldn't bother with a branded one. I'd do swap and go for the propane bottles. (Welcome to Sydders. We must get you to a meetup!)
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Weber is considered a good brand. Beyond that, I have very little knowledge about barbeques, sorry!
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Definitely get a BBQ from Bunnings, wait for a sale to get a good deal. Gas bottles are available from Bunnings but also petrol stations (gas stations) so you can get one when you run out in the middle of cooking, haha.

Webber does make a gas BBQ things now, as opposed to the old Webber kettle, but they are pricey.

I've always been happy with BBQs that are just one big hot plate, and don't have the grill over the open flame or coals, but that is personal preference.
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Best answer: I have a couple of gas bottles in the garage because we used to have a BBQ that needed them and now we have mains gas. They are maybe half full? I live in western Sydney

If you can find a way to pick them up, or if you invite me to a BBQ, you can have them.

Invite Taff too. She's nice.
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I have a Webber Q family and love it. Very expensive but it was a wedding present. Bunnings sells the regular models but we got ours from bbq galore because the specialist shop model had a bigger lid.
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Yeah, Bunnings. Webber is a well trusted brand, but as taff said, you don't need to get a brand name. Just go speak to someone at Bunnings. Or BBQs Galore is another good suggestion. You should be able to get gas at just about any petrol station. But they also sell wood and charcoal too, which is what I tend to go with.
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Webber Q's are awesome. Consider springing a little extra for the models that have the built-in thermometer. I love my 220 but a BabyQ is fine if you only use it occasionally. The Qs have really even heat distribution and superior ceramic (coated) grilling surfaces, but the smaller ones do *not* have differential temperature zones.

They are now also available in interesting colours.

You don't need to buy their fancy stand (but I like their fitted cover). If you use it more than occasionally, you can get adapters for them to use big propane tanks (the little 1L ones can end up being pretty expensive).

Their website also has pointers/youtubes on how to use their grills.
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Response by poster: I have placed the grill order! Emails have been sent to lollusc and taff. I have no furniture since my shipping container has not arrived yet, but by all that is holy, I will be grilling something at the end of this week.
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