Give me your best slow-cooked smoked BBQ ideas/recipes!
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What other smoked/slow cooked (on the BBQ) delights should I be getting my husband to make me? (using pork or beef preferably)

My husband (to whom I gave an engagement BBQ for those who remember) loves to BBQ. He makes INCREDIBLE bacon wrapped beef tenderloins and his cedar plank salmon is beyond delicious. His magic really appears when he does the slow thing, though. He does the whole hickory smoking (in the BBQ, no special smoker) and slow cooking for hours and hours. He is meticulous. His results are absolutely ridiculous in their deliciousness. His pork ribs are near impossible to pick up because when you lift the bone you run the risk of having the meat just fall off in to a juicy pile of flavour. He smoked and slow cooked a pork butt last weekend for the very first time and made what is by far the most delicious pulled pork I have ever eaten. No dumping a bottle of BBQ sauce on it, the meat was so flavourful all on its own and BBQ sauce would just cheapen it! Just pure smokey porky goodness. And oh my god, economical! A HUGE pork butt is only 20$ and it would feed an army.

So... what else should I be getting him to make me?
- smoked, slow cooked BBQ is preferred but open to other ideas. Maybe just smoking other things? Remember, it is a hot smoke not a cold smoke, so stuff like cheese would just melt. (I asked for smoked cheese already.)
- I eat ketonic so don't worry about fat. Bring on the fat.
- Also, pork and beef based ideas are preferred. Chicken.... not a fan.
- Also, must be gluten free.

Current ideas:
- Montreal Smoked Meat
- Pastrami
- more ribs/pork butt because DAYUM are they delicious.
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I smoke whole, butterflied trout (after a short brine) and also pecans and walnuts; they don't take long and they are flippin' delicious.
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Hot smoked tenderloin is great.
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I mean, the secret sauce in a pork butt recipe is the rub/mop. And there are a ton of 'em. I recommend Smoke and Spice. Pork belly. Also, ribs-- cook them hotter and faster so they don't get to fall-off-the-bone status.

Beef-wise, the Pit Barrel Cooker guys seem to like tri-tip. A prime rib should work too if you want to splurge. Or some kind of nice steak.

Or vary the lead-up, like a cure (pastrami in beef, ham in pork).
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I am all about a boneless leg of lamb. Make slices in it and slide whole cloves of garlic into the slices. Tie rosemary sprigs onto it (or stuff them into the netting holding the leg together. Then dampen with olive oil.

I did this and it was OUTRAGEOUSLY rich and delicious. Om, nom, nom. I mean insane.

Brisket is great too, just a regular dry barbecue rub and slice and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.

Turkey breast. Blend butter, garlic salt and pepper together and shove it between the skin and the meat. Shake garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper on the skin and smoke away. OMG, so juicy and good!
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OH! Smoked Korean Short Ribs!
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Beef ribs.

You will forever look at the lowly pork rib with pity.
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Another vote for tri-tip and brisket. Top sirloin is also great if you can keep the temperature low.
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I've enjoyed smoked turkey (drumsticks or breasts), and they have the added benefit of cooking fairly quickly since they're small.

I also came here to say brisket, but be prepared to smoke for a long, long time.

Beed ribs are also super tasty. Note that usually they will be low on meat (but still fun) since the super meaty part of the rib is also the ribeye, and butchers can get more per pound selling that.
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Ah, Phredward brings up a good point. You want to cut the ribs so you discard every other bone. Instead of cutting between two bones, you want to slice on every other bone and remove that bone. That gives you ample meat on each rib.

I've heard that called Frenching the rib - which sounds both dirty and delicious. It's probably based on côte de bœuf or entrecôte.
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I have had an easier time with a beef chuck roast versus brisket. My favorite BBQ book says to go for shoulder clod, but that's apparently a huge piece of meat. Oh god I'm hungry. PS, that book has a really good rub recipe called "Magic Dust".
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Lots of the recipes here could be done in a BBQ. Pulled Pork, Beef ribs, brisket are my favs.
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If you like spicy food, this recipe for New Mexico-style carne adovada looks worth trying. It's basically using smoking a chile-marinated pork butt as the dry-heat stage of a braise, where the end product is a red chile/smoked pork stew.
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Look up the Italian roast pork dish Porchetta.
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