Help me find this '70s activity book series for kids
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Oh, this is the longest long shot but you all have done it before. I had a series of "fun stuff to do and make" books when I was a kid in the '70s - maybe 15 books in the series, with hand-drawn illustrations. There were about eight artists who drew all the illustrations for the series - each activity had its own artist. This is an impossible thing to google.

One book was entirely about cooking, one was about acting and stage crew stuff, one about plants and nature, I remember one article about "gimcrackery," that sort of thing. Very '70s, but more quirky/wacky than hippie (there were no earth balls, etc). American publication. I would say it was advertised in Cricket magazine but Cricket didn't have ads. Any ideas what this was?
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Was it something like The Trash Artist's Workshop, which was one of my favorites as a kid? I recall there were other similar books we had at the same time.
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Was it the Creative Activities Program?
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Second answer is it! Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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