Multiracial fairy tales?
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I am looking for kids books that depict fairies that aren't all white. Sometimes, one can find some variation in hair color - but little in the way of anything that doesn't look classically european. I am mainly looking for books for little kids, Dr. Seuss reading level.
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This is a movie, not a book, but it might fit the bill, anyway. And it's totally wonderful: The Adventures of Prince Achmed, by Lotte Reiniger.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on it, and here's the full film on YouTube.
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The Disney Fairies seem pretty multicultural/racial from first glance. There are a ton of books, and the books are widely available. (DISNEY)
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If you want "fairy tales" without actual fairies, the Jump at the Sun series features nonwhite main characters in standard fairy tales (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk).
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There is an ongoing kickstarter for an indie comic of African fairy tales: Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition (I'm a backer of it and I think it'll be really good!)
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Adelita by Tomie DePaola (Mexican Cinderella story)
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Would princesses do? There's Princess Grace.
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The Rainbow Fairies easy reader series from Scholastic features multiethnic fairies. They are written at about a 2nd grade level. (There is another Ranbow Fairies series for older kids, too)
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The Invisible Princess by Faith Ringgold
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