Song lyrics games?
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So I’m pretty obsessed with the new “game” I made up. We sit in the bar, and one of us has song lyrics up on their phone and the other one tries to recite them. Help me either enhance the game or find websites or apps to play similar games?

This is so much fun. Help me make it better!

We either just think of a song or use Spotify playlists and billboard chart websites to get reminded of songs. It’s most fun when it’s not at all a song you like, but a song you’ve been exposed to for years and have absorbed. We’re 40, so we’re best at the 90s and before.

There’s usually other music playing so audio cues won’t likely be useful but I’m open to playing this in quiet places too.

This game has so much pride and embarrassment wrapped up in it. “wow, I only know the chorus of that song I’ve been hearing for decades” or “wow, I hate Billy Joel but I know that whole song” or “wow, I can’t believe you knew all the words to that one” etc.

I’d love help with:
How to choose songs (the best ones are the ones we think we’ve forgotten)
Any fun twists to add?
Any existing apps or websites to do this or similar games? (I could pay a few bucks, I love this game)
Anything else that comes to mind. I don’t want to get bored with this!
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This was a game show.
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On Spotify: Name that Tune (Game)
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There are a bunch of various lyrics games on Sporcle. You could play them in a group, or just use them for inspiration.
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There are a lot of guess the lyrics/fill in the lyrics/ID the mystery song based on lyrics games on Sporcle.

I like the ones that are totally a mystery where you just start throwing random articles, pronouns, and linking verbs until strings start to resolve, and before you know it fucking shit it's take it easy, goddamn eagles got me again, why do I know all the fucking words to this garbage. Ahem.
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I play “Sing the line that comes next” with my mom using the Hamilton lyrics because we are obsessed. You could try this with 90s tunes too. But really it’s a great opportunity to learn the most amazing artwork of the 21st century!
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