Looking for GIF of cat kissing dog
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I remember seeing a short GIF on Reddit of a cat and a dog sitting together, face-to-face, and the cat kissing the dog in a remarkably gentle and loving way. It almost felt like I was invading their privacy. I can't be more specific than that, unfortunately. I've searched all over r/aww (everything over 85k karma) and r/animalsbeingbros (everything over 21k karma) for it, but I still haven't found it. Do you know where to find this GIF?
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This one seems quite intimate. A number of others here (I searched "cat licking dog").
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These guys are Relationship Goals: shiba inu and orange cat.
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I don't think any of these are the one I'm looking for, but they're all lovely :) I think I'll just accept that it's lost to the river of time, and treasure the cuteness of the moment.
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