A backpack, but for the office (and kind-of cheap)
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Do you like bags? Do you love giving bag advice? I realized today that I’ve saved ads for this backpack four separate times on Instagram. But I don’t want to pay $200 for a bag! So maybe you can help. My budget is lower than previous asks - $50 or less.

What I like about this bag:
- the square-ish shape, with top handles for carrying
- the zipper flap that folds open for easy wallet/pen access
- the leather straps - that is a nice profesh look to me
- not too hipster/trendy, not too athletic

So, do you know of anything that could fit that’s more in the $50 or under range? Black on black preferred.

Thanks, bag-hounds! (Is that a term?)
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Have you checked out Timbuk2? They are buy-it-for-life quality, and probably have something with the aesthetic and functional properties you want.

The list prices will be in the $50+ range, but they frequently have closeout sales. And if you live near a store, there will be in-store discounts on some nice stuff. I have a messenger bag and a backpack from them. The messenger is 10+ years old, and the backpack is 5+ years old. I've used both for work and travel.
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Maybe something from Herschel like this?
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Maybe something like this or this?
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I've had a bag very similar to this in my cart for quite some time, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Saw some raves on Twitter about them, though.
No leather straps, but you can see in the 'similar items' below that there are tons of options out there.
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That Breton bag, in blue, is on eBay right now bidding at $48.
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Other Amazon options.
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For an inexpensive bag with interesting designs, check out KAKA bags.
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Everlane comes in close to your budget.
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FWIW, this Wenger backpack is my favorite backpack and darn close to your price (currently $55). I have bought 3: one about 10 years ago, one 3 years ago, and another as a gift.
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You can set up an alert on eBay for a black one if that's what you prefer. I did that for a backpack I loved last year, and got it for 40% of the full price, and it looked brand new.
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Something I didn't realize when I was entering the office-backpack craze was how nice it is to have some padding on the backpack. Then, I bought 3-4 backpacks on amazon to see which had the thickest padding. I ended up with this one, which while not as #aesthetic, is VERY well padded.
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ebags.com has a lot of options under "business backpack."

Here are a few I think have a nice look and kind of evoke the one you like for under $50:
Tocano Loop
Buggati Ryan

Or at least under $100:
Solo Executive
Samsonite Kombi
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I have an Anello backpack that may meet your criteria - no leather straps however.
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I had a Timbuk2 Ace daypack that checks a lot of your boxes, though no leather straps. One thing I like about it is that it converts between a comfortable backpack and a messenger bag for days when you may need a bit more formality. It has nice big pockets that open along the top and along one side, and it stands on its side when put down as well.
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I carry Chrome stuff because I like the design and the heirloom quality. Usually an investment. Not cheap, but I monitor the sales page. And they have a 25% student discount if that helps.
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