Outdoorsy, Portland OR, next week!
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I have to be in Portland, OR on Monday August 20 and have a place for my 9 year old and I to stay. But I want to do *something* on Tuesday, maybe stay somewhere Tuesday night, and return to Seattle on Wednesday. Suggestions?

I don't want to have to lug tons of camping stuff. Beach? Mountains? Whatever. Kid likes fishing. We both like beaches.
We have a Washington state parks pass. Could access an Oregon state parks pass probably.
It looks like it will be super hot.
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Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is pretty awesome. You can also drive through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and it looked like there were lots of people fishing there when we drove through it recently. Very scenic but some of the roads are not maintained well.
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For $113 you could share a Baby trailer at the Sou'wester in Seaview. They are a couple of blocks to beautiful sand beach, they have loaner bicycles and a nearby bike path that parallels the beach. They also have loaner games and loaner VCRs with a huge tape collection. Totally fun and funky place if that's your jam.
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Ape caves at Mt st helens is guaranteed to be cool!

My 9 yo loved it, and then head north on the east side of the mountain to see the crater from windy ridge. fewer people, closer to the mountain. on a tuesday you should have no problem finding camping in the national forest
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I was in Portland last month. I'm not sure how interested your 9 year old would be at Mount St Helens though I with the memory of 1980 sure found it interesting. My teenagers found it interesting but they are pretty accommodating for sightseeing. The actual mountain is a hour off the highway and an hour north of Portland (2 hours from Portland total).

Cannon Beach was very cool (and cool, it was 92 in Portland and 62 in Cannon Beach). Cute beach town, long-ish walk across the sand to get close to Haystack Rock, nice sand, cold water.

Beacon Rock was across in Washington (State Park) and a fantastic climb up the switchbacks to a great view. Proceeded by a hike across the road to look at Hamilton Falls. The heat wouldn't be as bad here either, mostly shady.

Beacon Rock or Cannon Beach would be well north (one to the west and the other to the east) of actual Portland though so maybe Wednesday on the way north to Seattle?

In Portland, the Japanese Gardens were pretty neat and may be of interest to your 9 year old, not sure of hours, very near the Rose Gardens that are fun to see and tour (though hot).

Great place! Enjoy!
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Rent bikes and ride the waterfront downtown. You can do a loop and cross the Steel ped/bike bridge on one end, and the Tilikum ped/bike bridge on the other end. It's a car-free multi-use path on both sides of the river. Full of tourists. There are parts where people go swimming. There are parts where I see people fishing. There's even a big ole museum right on the path.
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I should mention, we are in Portland at least every other month. We def have lots of experience doing stuff there.
It was more that... I have to be there for a work thing, it seems like a shame to drive back home (Seattle) after a day when we could do something fun down there... And specifically a place to sleep! Thanks all.
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