Anyone nose a good source for nose rings?
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Help me buy a new nose screw!

After almost ten years of it faithfully adorning my face, I managed to lose the (I think?) surgical stainless steel nose screw I've had since I got the piercing. I quickly ordered a new nose screw and nose ring from Etsy, but was really disappointed in the quality. Can anyone suggest an online source for quality nose jewelry? (Google is mostly showing me stuff like Claire's and Hot Topic which I'm...dubious about). If the best bet is to get one in person, can you recommend any piercing shops or jewelry stores in the Bay Area (preferably Oakland or downtown SF) with good selections? Thanks!!
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Best answer: I usually buy from Body Candy, I've had my hoops from them forever and the quality has been as expected. I see that they have done an awful revamp of their website and no longer have their top categories by format (hoop, bone, screw, etc) but you can search the term you want.
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I like anatometal, but you do have to get them custom-bent for your nose, and I don't have any recommendations for places not in Chicago, sorry!
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Best answer: Bodyartforms is where I buy all of my body jewelry - here is a search for nose screws. I would recommend Anatometal or Neometal. They cost a little more but the quality is so much better than the cheaper brands. Shipping is quick and cheap!

Per Ms Vegetable's comment, you can get Anatometal pre-bent from Bodyartforms. I never had any problems with pre-bent screws, but you could always take one in to a shop to be adjusted.
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I get all of mine from Alluring Body . I have a tiny nose so I like they have small diameter options. They are conflict free and v high quality.
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Best answer: I've had good experiences with Industrial Tattoo & Piercing in Berkeley, who are apparently also Sacred in Oakland.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! This is exactly what I was hoping for-I'm now looking into getting an Anatometal one. Cheers!
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Seconding BodyArtForms.
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And thirding bodyartforms -- I've been buying from them for over 10 years now and they have great quality and great service.
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