Valentines Day Dinner
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DallasValentineDinnerFilter: I need suggestions for a romantic place to take my wife to dinner on Valentines Day. It needs to be in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex. I know there are plenty places im just having a major brain fart. Thanks!
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Not sure if it's even open or what but Trader Vic's would be awesome.

(Last I heard they only opened for special occasons but were planning to re-open full-time.)
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sullivan's, if you want to go north dallas.

dallas parkway just south of frankford.

ahi tuna appetizer. wedge salad with phenomenal bleu cheese dresser. perfect steak.

place is a three parter. sort of a cigar bar for before dinner. the dining area and a bar that usually has a good band for after. it is a small chain.
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Byblos in Fort Worth usually does a really nice Valentine's Day setup, belly dancers and all. They might even have reservations left. Less likely is Sardine's, which is named that for how you're packed in, but it still manages to be really intimate and so is worth a phone call to check it out. If you're on that side of the metroplex, anyway.

I think sushi makes a great romantic meal, and might be slightly less crowded than the traditional choices. Call your favorite and see if they're doing something special on the night.
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I'd check OpenTable for restaurants with tables available.

I'm not from Dallas, and the list looks unpromising, but as a local it might spur some thoughts.
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Secondary idea for a last minute table, call up a posh hotel (Mansion at Turtle Creek, Four Seasons, etc.), and see if they can put something involving dinner and a night's stay together.
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The Mansion at Turtle Creek
Four Seasons in Las Colinas
Nikita (they do a nice valentine's day)
Avanti is simple but tasty
Beau Nash used to be good but they closed. The new restaurant in that location, Nobu, is supposed to be quite good.

Lavendou, a quite authentic southern French restaurant in Addison, is also *very* good.

If you're over 40, you might try the Old Warsaw, too.
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Don't you have to make reservations months in advance for Valentines?

It's such a racket

That's why we cook a nice dinner at home, by candlelight.
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My parents have been going to The Grape for twenty years. My mother has been going there for nearer 30 (she grew up in Dallas) and I don't think she has ever been disappointed by a meal there. However, they are a "romantic mainstay", so Valentine's Day reservations might be impossible to get. I don't know. A note: I can't imagine that the Mansion won't be already booked up; it's pretty much _the_ posh restaurant in Dallas.
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Afew weeks ago my wife and I had the full tasting menu at Abacus. I'd recommend it, but you may be too late for reservations.
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