Find non-chain restaurants in north Dallas
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My husband and I are tired of our normal places and want to start eating at non-chain restaurants in Dallas. We live in Carrollton and are looking for something within 30 minutes drive. We prefer restaurants that aren't super fancy or super expensive. Can you help us expand our culinary horizons?
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This D Magazine guide to the best neighborhood restaurants is from 2008 so it's a little out of date, but a lot of the places it lists have been open forever.
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Mai's in East Dallas - Vietnamese that is excellent. Kalachandji's, also East Dallas, for an insanely good vegetarian Krishna buffet at a beautiful garden temple. Madra's Pavilion in far North Dallas for a great southern Indian meal.

Maybe give some of your likes/dislikes so I can tailor my recommendations more towards your tastes?
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Chowhound has a Dallas board. This is the sort of request they generally shine on.
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Oh, none of the above will break the bank.
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We had that problem when we lived in Carrollton. Yelp was what I used when I decided it was a day for a Food Adventure.

There's tons of hidden gems within 10 minutes (at least 2 years ago - there's a Peruvian restaurant in the Target shopping center at Josey/turnpike, Blue House Korean BBQ South of Old Denton at the turnpike, our favorite "cheap sushi" is the 2-for-1 place next to Albertson's on Josey. There were several Asian places in the H-Mart/IHOP plaza at Old Denton.

My favorite restaurant in Dallas remains Mai's on I think Bryan just east of Downtown. Get the 45B. (High five, item!)

You could devote months just to Oak Lawn and Oak Cliff. Or Richardson. Or Irving. I don't know if anyone has rolled into town with truly stellar Indian food, but Pasand in Richardson (or Irving, my second choice) is a pretty classic choice.

All of those options, generally, are budget-friendly. Addison has some gems, usually a little higher scale, as well. But again, Yelp has a very active Dallas contingent, and you'll find all kinds of interesting things there. I also liked the Observer's online reviews.
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I wish I lived as close to a Flying Saucer as you. A friend of mine made FS his local (in Kansas City) and is now on his 6th saucer (each earned for drinking 200 different beers). Pub grub: burgers, sandwiches, some English-style stuff: the main thing is their beer variety, which will take your breath away. There's one in Dallas/Addison, one in Garland, and one in Ft Worth.
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Flying Saucer is a small chain, but only 15 locations in 6 states, no franchises.
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Seconding item: Kalachandji's is the best vegetarian food I've ever eaten.
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IIRC, the weekly arts section of the Dallas Morning News has tons of restaurant listings.
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