Ice Ice Baby.
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Where can I find some good, quality shaved ice in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

As summer is more or less already here, I've come to the notion that the only summer treat that will satisfy me is shaved ice.

And I'm not talking about that piddly "snow cone" (read: crushed ice) stuff like you'd get outside of a Home Depot for free (if I wanted that I could buy the $30 machine from Walmart). No, I mean shaved ice so smooth it's like fresh fallen snow drenched in delectable syrupy goodness.

I suppose my standards are pretty high, being weaned on Williams Plum St Sno Balls in New Orleans. However, it seems tough to really find a choice shaved ice stand because they typically don't advertise, and are often in places one wouldn't normally look.

So, do any of the Metroplex MeFites have any suggestions as to where I can go to make it through the summer?
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I believe that the TC Shaved Ice I patronized as a boy in Plano has a location in East Dallas.
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If you find a place that sells raspados, give it a try. Most of them do shave the ice ( though some go the snow cone route) but they're delicious. No better way to beat the heat IMHO.
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You could have all the shaved ice you want if you opened your own business.

Holy cow, shaved ice sounds good right now.
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Not sure if you'll like the ingredients, but I'm sure there are shops in Chinatown that sell "bao bing".
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The last time I was there was about twelve years ago, but there was a great little stand in Denton, at the State School Road exit, south side of the highway. They set up every year next to the Briar Inn (which I know to be closed and long gone). So don't go out of your way for it, but if you're in the area, swing by and see if they are still there.
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TC Shaved Ice is great. Try the "wedding cake" flavor.
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Ohh...there's a great place that used to be on Greeneville not far from Southwestern/NW moved last year though, so I will look up the new location. Where in Dallas are you?
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